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About Us


Prestige Maintenance USA is a results-orientated cleaning company.  We have a team of professionals that drives our company to the top. From our front line management team, to our administrative support team, our company works together to provide customers with the highest quality of service!


Prestige Maintenance USA was founded in 1976 by Marie and Alex Dinverno as a commercial cleaning company.

Starting off cleaning facilities by themselves, Marie and Alex have turned their dream into a thriving business. Keeping their parent’s entrepreneurial spirit and drive for excellence alive, Marie and Alex’s children Rachel and Jason are now at the helm of Prestige Maintenance USA. Growing up in the business, both Rachel and Jason have the understanding and attention to detail in what it takes to keep up in the fast paced and demanding world of facility maintenance.


As a family owned business, the Dinvernos do not run Prestige Maintenance USA for tomorrow, or even the next fiscal quarter. The Dinvernos believe in their products and services for the future.

Operating with an assertive management team, Prestige Maintenance USA is afforded the chance to be able to reflect on the past and use that knowledge as a valuable resource for future opportunities and business ventures.

Because of this philosophy, Prestige Maintenance USA has consistently continued to experience outstanding growth over the years. We attribute this to the assertive approach of the field and management teams. The leadership at Prestige Maintenance USA has a large knowledge base of industry related experience, affording us the ability to bring a group of individuals together to find an effective course of action best suited for each of our customers. With the same commitment to quality and excellence we have been successful in managing and growing Prestige Maintenance USA’s business portfolio.

At Prestige Maintenance USA we are focused on strategic growth so we do not supersede our infrastructure. We will not over promise and under deliver; Prestige Maintenance USA will always work to meet and exceed your expectations using the best in industry practices, processes, equipment, and chemicals to drive out inefficiencies and reduce costs while “providing the results you can see.”